We deal with the wholesale sale of personal, truck, motorcycle, special construction and agricultural tires for a wide range of uses. Of course the sale of metal and aluminum (Alu) discs from leading manufacturers:

Kama, Cordiant, Agate, Aeolus, Hankook, Laufenn, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Taurus, Riken, Matador, Barum, Pirelli, Nokian, Premiorry, Hifly, Delinte, AEZ, DOTZ, DEZENT, BROCK, etc ...



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The required size of the summer tires can be found in the large technical license. High-quality summer tires from the official distribution will provide you with the necessary adhesion of the car to the road for every summer weather. An inexpensive tire of unclear origin can affect both the driving and tire life.


The tire size can be found on the sidewall of the existing tire on the vehicle or in the large technical license (TP). If you want a different tire size than yours on the vehicle, you can use our advanced tire search by vehicle.


For truck tires, it is necessary to keep track of tread depth and inflation of the tires. The type of wagon for which the tires are intended must also be taken into account.

How to correctly read the TYRE SIZE?

tire size consists of several data: 


205/55 R16 85 T

205 - nominal tire width (mm)
55 - profile number (%)
R - designation of the radial shell design
16 - nominal rim diameter in inches
85 - load index
T - speed category

  • Nominal tire with (mm) 
    Is given in millimeters, this is the maximum tire width at nominal inflation pressure and nominal load.

  • Profile number
    Is a dimensionless number indicating the ratio between the tire width and the height of the sidewall as a percentage.
  • Designation of the radial shell design
    Is the designation of the radial tire design, the developmental older diagonal construction of the tire is marked with a dash "-"
  • Nominal rim diameter in inches
    The rim diameter is the number that indicates the rim size in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm).
  • Load index
    The Load Index is a dimensionless number that corresponds to the nominal tire service load in kg per tire.
  • Speed category
    The speed index is the letter corresponding to the speed category for which the tire was designed.
  • The tire size, load index and speed index are those contained in the Vehicle ID. Mounting of dimensions other than the approved is not permitted.
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